In December of 2020 following a long year of home confinement due to the pandemic, I was at my heaviest weight and set out to find a simple weight loss program. I researched them all and even tried a few of them – frozen meals, calorie counting apps, magic pills, intermittent fasting, and some excruciating exercise and fitness programs. They tasted bad, were too complicated, sometimes stressful, and I couldn’t get myself motivated.

I had this crazy idea to create a meal replacement cookie, with healthy and sustainable ingredients, and most importantly – they had to taste good. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat cookies? Just to be completely transparent – there are some pre-baked, prepackaged, highly processed, “high protein cookies” on the market. They all taste horrible – all of them. I wanted something that I could bake fresh in my kitchen, toss in the freezer, and grab each day on my way out the door. So, I went to work in my kitchen, trial and error, over and over, until I got it right.

I started on my “cookie diet” in late December and by March 2021 I had lost 25 pounds! I didn’t count calories, I didn’t do any elaborate exercise programs; I just replaced breakfast and lunch with five protein-enhanced cookies, ate a healthy balanced evening meal, drank lots of water, and made sure to take a brisk walk to get in my daily steps. (Everyone needs 7,500-10,000 steps each day. Period.) To lose weight the average person just needs to eat and drink less calories than your body burns – that’s called a “calorie deficit”. It’s not rocket science. Friends and family started asking me for the cookies, so I mixed up bags of the cookie mix on weekends in my kitchen and shipped them all over the country.

Fast forward to today – with the help of a nutritionist and food scientist we fine-tuned the formula and today we now use gluten free flour, lots of rolled oats for fiber, and have fortified the cookies with hemp protein from one of the most healthy and sustainable plants in the world. We’ve partnered with a manufacturer for large scale production and now have happy and healthy customers with awesome weight loss success stories from all over the US.

We are now on a mission to help thousands of people, just like me and you, to reach their weight loss goals and live a healthier and happy life. We would love to have you join us on our journey.

Tim Unruh
Founder and CEO